Before you demolish, think about asbestos

If you’re considering a major home renovation on a home that was built in the 1990s or earlier, think about all the hazards involved before you start demolishing. The same caution should be applied if you are demolishing an entire home for a rebuild or deconstructing an older building on your residential, farm or commercial property. An older building could have construction materials in it that contain asbestos and that can be extremely hazardous to your health and the health of those nearby.

Asbestos kills.

Most of us have heard about asbestos and know that it is bad for us, but you might not know how potentially dangerous it really is. Asbestos might be present in your drywall, insulation, ceiling, flooring and other areas of the home. Once it becomes air born, it can be inhaled, and those dangerous fibres can cause a score of health problems including lung cancer. It can also cause asbestosis, which is the scarring of the lungs and a rare cancer called mesothelioma which is a cancer in the lining of the chest or abdominal cavity.

According to this article, asbestos was responsible for nearly 1,900 lung cancer cases and 430 mesothelioma cases in Canada in 2011. This year, the federal government has introduced tougher rules to stop the manufacturing, importing, use and sale of asbestos – but it still exists in older homes and buildings.

Properly testing for and abating asbestos.

Before you remove any materials, demolish or even drill a screw into what may or may not be a material containing asbestos, have the building tested by a professional asbestos testing and abatement company like Progressive Environmental in Vancouver. They will know where to look for asbestos and can safely take a sample of any suspicious materials to a lab for testing. Once you know you have asbestos, they can provide safe removal and disposal services.

You should never attempt to remove asbestos yourself! Not only will you need very specific tools and protective equipment to do the job safely, asbestos also must be disposed of properly and in compliance to local legislation. Progressive Environmental can remove the asbestos for you and offers safe demolition and deconstruction services so you don’t have to worry about at all during your major renovation or construction project.

About Progressive Environmental

Progressive Environmental is a turn key demolition/deconstruction and abatement company serving the Metro Vancouver area. They focus on three different aspects of the business: providing informed and transparent client experiences, excellence in completion of all work under and a commitment to embracing the environmental leadership shown by the City of Vancouver with ‘waste’ materials management.

Have questions or concerns? Just ask. Asbestos removal can be a concerning arena. Let the professionals take that panic off your hands and explain the Progressive Way to do things. They are strongly behind the environmental and safety bylaws the Metro Vancouver area has instituted. Progressive Environmental has the knowledge base to execute all work to satisfy the municipalities and to ensure materials are removed safely and disposed of responsibly for the environment.

Thinking about renovating or demolishing?

Contact Progressive Environmental first!


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