Can I install a new roof in the winter?


It’s cold outside, the roof is covered in snow and you think you might have a leak.  We live in an ever-changing climate and sometimes damage on the roof isn’t detected until the snow has fallen.  Other times the need for a new roof is put off and winter comes more quickly than expected.  What do you do if you need a new roof or a roof repair in the middle of winter?

Winter roofing is possible and some roofers in Calgary offer this service.  If you do detect a problem this time of year, do not ignore it.  It won’t go away and it will cause some costly damage to your home.  Do not attempt to fix it yourself.  Going up on your roof in the winter is not safe and you should call in the professionals.  They will know what to do, what to look for and will be able to trace the leak or discover the damage.

Reasons to leave your winter roofing job to the pros:

Simply put, it can be dangerous.  The roof will be covered with snow and you don’t have experience walk, let alone working, on a slippery and sloped service. They have the appropriate winter wear and safety gear plus the experience which goes a long way on snowy, slippery roof.

They will know how to safely remove the snow or break away an ice dam to get to the surface without damaging your shingles, gutters or soffits.

The best roofers in Calgary will have the proper tools to get the job done right and know how to care for and use their equipment in cold temperatures.

They know how to handle shingles in colder weather.  Asphaltic material in a shingle will become harder to bend and cut and can be easier to break.  A professional has experience handling the material in this condition, causing less damage or wasted materials.

A roofer will upgrade your underlayment to synthetic instead of plain felt to assure 100% water prof to your entire roof.

Cold temperatures can affect how shingles seal with each other.  A professional roofing contractor will take different measures to ensure they are bonding properly.  In the winter, a roofer might us 6 nails instead of 4 as required by some manufacturers to add extra protection and wind resistance.

They will take care of clean up.  Tarps will be put around your house so nothing will fall on the snow, this guarantees all the nails and debris that fall from the roof are taken away at the end of the day.

Waiting for warmer weather.

If you have a serious leak or roof issues, you might not be able to wait until warmer weather to have it fixed.  If required, a roofer will come inspect your roof and could give you an alternative temporary fix that will reduce or prevent damage until it is warmer, providing safer conditions for a complete roof install.  Most roofers will not install a  new roof if it is -10 degrees Celsius or colder.

If this is possible, it is your safest option.  If you think you have an issue with your roof, do not wait, call a roofer.  They will inspect the damage and either provide a solution that will tie you over and book a roof installation for the spring or if it is serious, will be able to re-roof your house this winter before more damage is done.



  1. Roofing is the most important part of the house. I agree if roofing and repairs is needed to be done on urgent basis it will not be possible to wait for the summer season for getting the renovation done. Instead one must contact the professional organizations that provides effective roofing services during winters also.

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