Common reasons and repairs for roof leaks

Whether known or unknown, a leaky roof can quickly develop into a costly problem. Knowing the reason for a roof leak is the best way to quickly fix the problem and prevent future issues. 

Pneumatic Roofing Ltd. in Calgary is a professional roofing and repair company. They share some common causes for roof leaks and how their professionals help with the repairs:

Cracked flashing 

Flashing is installed underneath shingles to add an extra layer of water-resistance and protection for your home. It is also installed around chimneys or other areas where water may be a problem. When the flashing becomes cracked, water can seep in and cause damage to the roof. Age is a typical culprit of damaged flashing, but weather, such as heavy rain or ice buildup, can also cause cracking.  

Broken or missing shingles 

It’s no surprise that broken shingles allow water to get in and cause havoc. Weather, such as intense winds or heavy rains, can rip out or loosen shingles and invite the risk of water seeping in. Luckily, spotting this is as easy as taking a look at your roof, especially after a bad storm. If you notice any loose or missing shingles, call in a professional right away to help with repairs.

Ice dam buildup 

In the winter-time, check your roof for any ridges of ice along the edges. Snow will become trapped behind this icy barrier, and as it melts, the water will become trapped and lead to leaks. That barrier is known as an ice dam and can cause serious damage and costly repairs. That added weight is both harmful to your roof itself and the eavestroughs and dangerous if it suddenly breaks free. As well, as that trapped snow melts, it has only once place to go—into your roof. Ice dams are a sign of heat trapped in your attic, usually because of poor ventilation. The best solution is to hire a professional to ventilate your attic and clean any current ice dams.

Your roof is old 

The most common problem for leaky roofs is simply that your roof is too old. As the shingles age, they eventually wear down and don’t function properly. If you notice more and more maintenance is needed for your roof, or your neighbours have re-roofed, consider doing the same. Over the long-term, you’ll save more money and stress from any potential water damage and instead enjoy a roof that’ll last for years. Once you have a new roof, invest in annual roof inspections by a professional. That’ll help guarantee that any leaks or problems are caught early on and repaired so that your home stays dry and leak-free. 

Roofers in Calgary 

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