Home security provides more than just intruder prevention  

Most of the time when you think of home security, what comes to mind is protection from intruders, installing cameras, or adding upgraded locks to doors. While these are certainly important aspects of security, there is more that can be offered beyond protection from a break in.

Telsco Security Systems shares some other aspects of home security that offer enhanced peace of mind.

Property Damage & Carbon Monoxide Protection

Environmental alarms are another aspect of home security that can protect against property damage or dangerous gas leaks. Elements such as flooding, rising sump levels, or freezing, which can risk burst pipes, can all be monitored on your security system. In the event that the risk of flood is detected, a notification will be sent so that the alarm can be investigated as quickly as possible and damage can be limited. Because floods pose a significant and costly risk, you may be eligible for additional insurance benefits when you incorporate these devices.

As an odorless, tasteless and colourless gas, poisonous Carbon Monoxide gas cannot be detected by our senses. This makes detection devices so important. Carbon Monoxide Detectors provide the earliest warning for you and your family when a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide is present. An alarm is sent to the monitoring centre when the gas is detected, ensuring that the risk is addressed quickly. Read more about symptoms of possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Medical alert for seniors

If you have aging family members living on their own, you can appreciate the worry that comes along with them being alone. A security system can provide a way to check on them and ensure that they are okay, even if you can’t be there in person. With pro-active alerts that will message you when there is unexpected activity, such as a lack of movement or a door opening in the middle of the night, you are not left wondering what you might be missing. The automation devices such as smart door locks, or temperature control using an app add another layer or safety from afar. With this thoughtful approach to wellness, everyone has peace of mind, while allowing the independence and freedom for loved ones to continue living at home.

Pet and children surveillance

If you have pets, you’ll know how hard it is to leave them at home while you go to work. A security system can include cameras that allow you to peek in on them while you are away; you can even say hello with two way voice. Plus, having monitors setup for smoke or gas leaks means that dispatchers will be called to your home asap to provide help for your furry family members.

If you have children, a security system that notifies you when someone is at your door, can lock or unlock your doors, or turn lighting on automatically, will help keep your child safe if they are ever home alone. It will also let them feel safe and secure, knowing that they are secure once inside.

Home security in Edmonton

Telsco Security Systems has been serving Edmonton since 1970, and believes in providing only the best quality in service. They also believe the same, when it comes to custom security for your home. They pride themselves in ensuring that your home security is tailored exactly to your needs, whatever they may be. No matter what, Telsco ensures peace of mind in all aspects of your home and life.

Contact Telsco Security Systems for a free security consultation.

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