Month: December 2016

Ten Tips for Renovating Your Basement

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Finishing or remodeling your basement can be a big job! Here are our ten expert tips for renovating your basement. Plan the right exits It is a common [...]

Tips for Better Air Flow in Your Home

House wrapped in a scarf isolated on white
Alberta winters can be harsh! You rely on your heating system to keep you home warm and comfortable during these colder months. It’s important that you [...]

Things To Consider Before Starting A Basement Renovation

A finished bаѕеmеnt саn bе a great рlасе where уоu саn еntеrtаin уоur fаmilу аnd friеndѕ bу рutting in a recreation rооm whiсh [...]

Natural Stone Myth Busters

natural stone and tile
Are you considering installing natural stone for your next home renovation? Have you encountered any worrisome tales that have made you hesitant? There are [...]

5 Reasons You Need a Bathroom Renovation

A renovation can make your bathroom more functional, accommodating and increase your personal enjoyment of your home. There are many reasons to remodel [...]

What You Need to Know Before Remodeling Your Space

  Your home remodel should be a reflection of your style and personality. It should be a comfortable retreat from the busyness of life, designed to [...]

Choosing the Best Home Security System

Edmonton is currently facing its fifth-straight year of increased crime rates, leaving many residents more concerned for the safety of their families. Many [...]

Benefits of a Basement Renovation

basement renovation Edmonton
Benefits of a Basement Renovation The price of a basement renovation can offer more value per square footage than most other home renovations. Whether [...]

Child Safe Window Coverings

For parents choosing window coverings, safety for infants, young children and pets is a top priority. Innovative technology has enhanced child safety in [...]

Tips for Lighting Your Home

If you're planning a home renovation, choosing the right lighting is a very important step. The lighting in your home is very important to how it both [...]