Advancement in energy storage make EV chargers and solar power a winning combination

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In our last blog post, we outlined why there has never been a better time to install solar in Edmonton. Overtime costs for solar will continue to decline, and efficiency will increase, but the next big step is storage technology.

Energy storage is essential

Storage is critical to reducing fossil fuel dependency, providing a means to use energy from the sun, even when it’s not shining. We are on the precipice of a drastic decrease in battery cost. Similar to what we have seen from the solar industry in the past decades. Batteries already power our phones, computers & electronics, and soon they will also power our vehicles and homes. They might even eventually businesses or used for utility-scale storage. Electric vehicles and renewable energies, including wind and micro-hydro and especially solar (grid-tied, off-grid, & grid-hybrid), will benefit most & provide the greatest demand for these battery technology advancements.

Most solar inverter manufacturers (like SolarEdge & Enphase) are starting to release storage-ready inverters, components, and battery products. If you are interested in having your system installed with storage or ready for storage, please let your NuSolar representative know. We will be happy to provide you those options.

Combining EV and EV chargers with solar

Electric Vehicles (EVs) & EV chargers, coupled with solar, make perfect sense together. You become the fuel source, refinery, gas station all under one roof. Talk about reduced carbon footprint! Changing to an electric vehicle is also an attractive financial investment (find out your savings potential with Choose EV’s online calculator). Plus, think of all the time you’ll save not having to fuel up at gas stations.

EVs bring down greenhouse gas emissions

According to the Prairie Climate Center, transportation accounts for 28% of Canadian greenhouse gas emissions. This is second only to burning fuel for electricity and heat (45%). Global emission deviation is similar, and transportation might even be more significant when considering plane travel.

With transportation being an immanent environmental concern, the government is taking action in financial support. There are several rebates available for changing your vehicle fuel source to electricity in Alberta. These include the City of Edmonton EV charger Rebate and the Canadian Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Federal Rebate. With these rebates, you can respectively receive $300 to $600 for a new EV charger. Plus, there is a range of incentives for the new electric vehicle. Generally, it is about $5000 back per EV & tax write-offs for businesses.

The adoption of EVs has grown

The adoption of electric vehicles has drastically grown in the last decade, primarily due to decreased manufacturing costs, improvements to technology  & increased government support. It is expected that by 2024 a new electric vehicle will cost the same to manufacture as a new standard combustion engine vehicle.

Electric Car Deployment in Selected Countries 2013-2018

Why choose NuSolar?

NuSolar is a solar energy company in Edmonton with vast experience in the Albertan solar industry. We have completed the design, procurement, and installation of hundreds of systems & thousands of kilowatts. We have also installed plenty of EV chargers and solar systems with storage. We’ve helped our customers seamlessly receive the rebates available for solar, electric vehicles & EV chargers.

We estimate that annual solar installations in Edmonton have at least doubled since NuSolar began business. This increase is extremely encouraging, empowering & motivating. NuSolar couldn’t be more proud to be based in this City. We are continuously striving to be leaders in environmental stewardship. This is possible with solar rebates, EV charger rebates, and one of the most cutting-edge waste management services in the world! Truly most towns and cities in Alberta are doing their part to ensure environment preservation. We highly value & respect that culture and are honored to be a part of it.

At NuSolar, we rejoice in our ethical relationships with key industry members and past clients. Our resources and knowledge base allow us to provide innovative solar solutions that are economical, highly efficient, and eco-friendly.

We are a local, honest, and hardworking small business. We have a persistent focus on continuous improvement, attention to detail, quality workmanship, and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to preserve and protect this beautiful planet along with our customer’s pocketbooks.

We aim to exceed our client’s expectations. If you are interested in solar, energy management and efficiency, energy storage, or EV chargers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly staff will be glad you did & provide honest answers, information & pricing.

We look forward to hearing from you & exploring your project.

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