Undergoing a home renovation can be an exciting process, but it can just as easily be a daunting one. There is a lot to think about and consider, however the first decision comes down to deciding between starting renovations with the exterior or interior first.

Mario Laflamme Contracting & Renovation Ltd. In Edmonton offers both interior and exterior renovation services that can transform your home, and offers some suggestions to help narrow down where to start:



Improving curb appeal is a major consideration when it comes to exterior renovations, especially if you are looking to sell. Upgrading the outside can help increase the value of your home and bring in potential buyers who like the look of the house. When it comes to deciding to start with exterior renovations consider this:

Does the siding look weathered?

If your siding is looking weathered or aged, potential buyers are going to notice right away. By investing in new siding, you can increase your property value by $12,119, according to Remodeling Magazine, and make your exterior instantly more appealing.

Is your entrance a feature?

Remodeling Magazine also showed that by replacing your old entrance with a grand entrance – a featured door with duel sidelights – it can recoup 71.9% of the cost during resale. Plus, having an entrance that demands attention is more likely to draw in buyers who want to see more.

Is the landscape appealing?

If nothing else, investing in a little landscaping will not only add visual appeal to your house, but it will also give it the look of a well-cared-for and looked-after home. Add some new bushes or flowers, or build a backyard patio to create a space for gatherings or family time.

While an exterior renovation is a great place to start for resale value, it’s likewise a great place to start in making your home a dream home if you renovate for yourself. Once you’ve decided whether or not the exterior needs renovations, it’s time to look to the interior for some renovation ideas.


cover kitchen

Interior renovations are just as important, because you want potential buyers to love the inside just as much as they do the outside. First, you want to consider your reasoning to renovate and then where to start.


Updating the interior of your house can easily increase property value, as well as create a home environment you’ll love coming home to. Whether it’s the kitchen or bathrooms, decide which one is the most in need of an update and start there.

Concept change.

Maybe you are considering a complete change. You can open up your floor space into an open-concept layout or transforming your basement into an on-suite, home theatre, or fitness room. This is a great way to update an old-style home, into something more modern and appealing.

Whatever you decide, keep in mind the reason for your renovation. If it’s to sell, consider what potential buyers will notice first and love or hate. If it’s for yourself though, just decide what you want to change to turn your home into the perfect dream home.

Major Renovations in Edmonton & Surrounding Area

Mario Laflamme Contracting & Renovation believes in turning dreams into reality. Whether it’s transforming your kitchens or basements; updating roofing or adding a deck, they are committed to helping you get exactly what you want from start to finish. From one room to start and a full renovation later, Mario Laflamme will make sure your dreams are realized.

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