Different types of whole home renovations

As your lifestyle or household needs change, you may start thinking about selling to find a better fit. But before you leave a home or location you love, consider a renovation instead. Different types of whole home renovations can transform your current home to suit your needs or lifestyle perfectly.

Straight Line Contracting in Calgary is a professional home renovations company specializing in significant whole-home renovations and home additions. They share the different types of whole home renovation projects their team can help with:

The aging-in-place renovation

This is an excellent idea when you love your home and location and don’t plan on selling or moving. When you plan a whole home renovation to accommodate aging-in-place, there are a few changes to make. For mobility, widen any narrow hallways and entryways in case you need to accommodate a wheelchair or assistive device. Walk-in showers are another mobility change that makes washing easier and safer.

Kitchen renovations, in general, add major value and boost lifestyle appeal for any renovation. As you age, though, factor in the organization, safety, and convenience changes into your aging-in-place kitchen renovation plans. For example, open up the kitchen to add more space and ease of maneuverability. Include plenty of lighting, like under-cabinet lighting, to make task work or food prep easier. Lowering cabinets or countertops will also make accessing and reaching items more accessible and safer.

The expansion renovation

Is your family starting to grow, or do you have plans to have grandparents move in permanently? If that’s the case, whole home renovations can also be done to add square footage. Using the basement to add more bedrooms and a bathroom is an excellent start if you’re working within your home. The space can also be turned into a suite or extra guest rooms for visiting family.

As for the rest of your home, there are more ways to add space. For example, bump out the kitchen to add more space or include a breakfast nook. Expand the bathroom to transform it into a suite or build a deck to enhance your outdoor living space. Expansion renovations can also mean a new addition, like a brand-new room or a new floor. These renovations are a great way to accommodate your growing family and turn your home into a dream space.

Update renovation

Is your home feeling dated? Maybe you’re noticing more drafts or your monthly bills creeping up? If that’s the case, a whole home renovation focused on upgrades and improvements is well worthwhile. Start by upgrading your windows and doors to boost efficiency and prevent more heat or cold air leaks. New plumbing with low-flow faucets or walk-in showers helps cut down water bills and adds a modern feel to the space. Even opening up your home and creating an open concept layout will welcome more light, create a fresh look, and a spacious new feel. There are many ways to make your old home feel new, so speak with your contractor about the perfect ideas. 

Major Home Renovations in Calgary

Straight Line Contracting brings over 30 years of renovation and construction experience. Their qualified team can help with interior and exterior renovations, big or small. They’re committed to excellent customer service and quality workmanship and look forward to improving your home and lifestyle. 

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